A spotlight on Brazil

We have significant experience in providing strategic legal support for matters in jurisdictions all over the world. The following snapshot is an example of a recent issue we have dealt with in Brazil.


In our experience, Brazil has a disproportionately high level of employee litigation, and it is not unusual for large employers to have multiple labour law litigation cases running at any one time. This can be a real headache for HR teams, and it is crucial that employers are able to handle such litigation in a way that minimises disruption to their business and manages the related costs.

We are well versed in advising Brazilian employers on, first and foremost, minimising the risk of credible claims arising at all by ensuring that the correct process and payments are followed from the outset. If litigation does arise, then we have a well-tested system alongside our Brazilian local counsel that takes the pressure of managing such cases off internal HR teams, ensures they are defended robustly but commercially, and prevents legal costs from escalating.

Our Experience