A spotlight on India

We have significant experience in providing strategic legal support for matters in jurisdictions all over the world. The following snapshot is an example of a recent issue we have dealt with in India.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Where an Indian employer employs more than 10 employees, it is now a legal requirement for there to be an internal committee (“IC”) to hear and deal with sexual harassment complaints in accordance with recent legislation designed to protect women against sexual harassment in the workplace. As this is a relatively new requirement in India, it is something that employers are having to navigate for the first time, in order to ensure that they have the required structures, processes and safeguards in place. 

In our recent experience, there can be some tough hurdles for employers to jump in order to be compliant. For example, the IC should comprise of women members (wherever possible) and all members must be properly trained. This can be difficult for employers with a male dominated workforce and who are not used to dealing with such matters. Therefore, even if the employer is happy to do everything needed to ensure compliance, it can sometimes be difficult to find employees who are willing to form part of the committee. 

We have recently assisted employers in creating their ICs, even in challenging circumstances, along with preparing and implementing policies for the prevention of sexual harassment alongside wider employee handbooks. We have been able to ensure legal compliance whilst also addressing the reality and practicalities of a workforce that may not easily lend itself to such structures and requirements. 

Our Experience