A spotlight on USA

We have significant experience in providing strategic legal support for matters in jurisdictions all over the world. The following snapshot is an example of a recent issue we have dealt with in the USA.

Employee Exits 

Although it can be easy to make the assumption that “employment at will” in the USA means employers have a huge degree of flexibility when it comes to dismissing employees, we understand that it is far from that simple. US labour laws certainly do not automatically translate into dismissals being straightforward or risk free. The risks, of course, vary from state to state and also depend on the individual employee themselves.

We have advised on multiple employee exits throughout the United States, and most recently advised a multinational client on a tricky situation where the employee demanded a settlement package on dismissal, trying to use various points of leverage. There were also complex equity and bonus arrangements to be dealt with on exit, which brought in cross-state jurisdictional issues. We were able to use our experience to ensure that what could have turned into a long, drawn out negotiation, or ended up in high cost litigation, was instead dealt with quickly, commercially and cost-effectively. 

Our Experience